Supporter of these Benevolent Organizations

2007philanthropiaHelping others who are less fortunate, as well as assisting with preserving our world’s animal species, are ways that each of us can contribute.

Education and awareness are two of the more crucial elements that can aid with helping our fellow humankind, and ensuring critically endangered species remain a part of the word’s ecosystem for generations to come.

Aaron Packard supports the following worthwhile efforts, and promotes these noble causes.

The International Cheetah Conservation Fund

ccf-photoNinety-percent of the world’s cheetahs have been wiped out over the last 100 years. Today, there remain only about 15,000.  The International Cheetah Conservation Fund, founded and headed by Dr. Laurie Marker, cares for orphaned and injured cheetah-cats. Many cheetahs, like those at CCF, cannot be re-released into the wild.  Aaron Packard is an admirer of the Wild Cheetah, and is a proud sponsor of the International Cheetah Conservation Fund.

These elegant animals do not possess the skills or physical agility to survive on their own.

Without help, this speedy creature may disappear forever. Click here to assist the cheetah-cat, by contributing to the international Cheetah Conservation Fund.

The Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary

Trowunna-Draft-FinalKnowledge is one of the most vital elements to all conservation efforts, and the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary exemplifies this mission. The sanctuary, owned and led by Androo Kelly, is committed to preserving and protecting the native and unique fauna of Tasmania Australia. One of its primary missions, the sanctuary strives to educate the public about the Tasmanian Devil, a creature that has survived public misconceptions for over two centuries.

Now the world’s last largest marsupial carnivore, it was the closest living relative to the Tasmanian Tiger – a legendary animal that is believed now extinct.

Aaron Packard advocates this Sanctuary’s efforts at spreading awareness of these most special, but unfortunately misunderstood and endangered animals. Hopefully, through public support of the Sanctuary’s mission, the tragedy that befell the fate of Tasmanian Tiger will not be repeated.

Follow this link to support the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary and its conservation efforts.

The St. Bernard Project

stbernardprojectThe mission of the St. Bernard Project is to remove barriers for families who wish to move back into their homes as a result of the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Through their efforts, the St. Bernard Project utilizes volunteers and donations to attain building supplies and labor to rebuild homes.

The St. Bernard project is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that began rebuilding homes in August 2006 in St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans (US).

On average, it takes the organization 8-12 weeks of effort and $12,000 worth of building supplies to completely rebuild each home.

Follow this  link to support this organization’s efforts at restoring hope and homes to the people of St. Bernard Parish.

Himalayan Cataract Project

HCPThe goal of the Himalayan Cataract Project is to establish sustainable eye care infrastructure and skill-sets throughout the Himalayan region of the world. Their goal is to empower local physicians to provide high-quality ophthalmic care through skills-transfer and education.

Their efforts have restored sight to tens of thousands of blind people every year since 1994, and their efficacy is increasing.

Their programs, dedication, and hard work have brought access to world-class eye care to the people of the Himalaya. Follow this link to support this organization’s efforts at restoring eyesight to the people of the Himalaya.

Santa Claus Yacht Club

SCYCFounded in 1990, the Santa Claus Yacht Club’s charitable focus is to dispense goodwill to less fortunate children in the City of Alexandria.

The largest portion of this community endeavor involves delivering food and gifts to these children during the Christmas season.

The club a fraternal organization that provides an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among its fellow members in the Alexandria Virginia (US) area.

For more information about this terrific organization click here.